Turmeric Complex with Magnesium

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Lighthouse Turmeric Complex with Magnesium is ideal for those suffering from muscle and joint discomfort or loss of range of motion. The complex contains marine magnesium and Meriva Curcumin. Meriva Curcumin is shown to be up to 29 times more effectively absorbed than standard turmeric extracts. 

This combination makes Lighthouse Turmeric Complex with Magnesium a unique support complex for muscle relaxation and comfort.

Lighthouse Turmeric Complex with Magnesium used to be called Muscle and Joint Support

  • With MERIVA Curcumin
  • Supports and relaxes muscles
  • Supports muscle tone and comfort
  • Ideal for exercise recovery and DOMS
Each capsule contains,     
Magnesium (natural marine)  417mg  
  - equiv magnesium  150mg 
MERIVA Curcumin  400mg  
  - equiv curcuminoids  80mg 


Manufactured in New Zealand from local and imported ingredients


Individuals with known medical conditions should consult their medical practitioner.

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