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Immune Health - Are you Ready?

We tend to think about immunity in winter when we’re more likely to catch a bug doing the rounds. But the reality is that our immune systems need to work hard all year round to keep us healthy.

Our immune system is a complex group of cells, tissues and organs that work together to defend our body against invaders. That could be anything and includes winter ills and chills. These nasties can compromise health and make us sick.
A healthy immune system creates barriers that stops these invaders (called antigens) entering our body. If one gets through, the immune system produces white blood cells and proteins that attack and destroy the antigen.

Our immune systems may recognise millions of harmful antigens during our lifetime but, to effectively ward them off, immune function must be strong.

Harker Herbals Immune Boost is a super combination of nourishing natural ingredients that have been scientifically researched or traditionally used to support healthy immune function. This blend combines the well-known echinacea, withania and astragalus with ingredients more commonly used in traditional Chinese practice; siberian ginseng and reishi mushrooms have been prescribed by Chinese practitioners for around 2,000 years.

Immune Boost is a great everyday syrup for long term use to support a stressed immune system and particularly useful for those struggling to recover from illness. It’s suitable for those over 12 years and fine to take while pregnant or breastfeeding.


Tips to help a struggling immune system -

Get quality sleep. Our body repairs itself when we’re sleeping.
Eat the rainbow. increase your intake of leafy green veges, fermented foods and vitamin rich
fruits to get the most nutrients from your diet and
help out your good gut bacteria.

Limit caffeine and alcohol. Both these substances inhibit the body’s ability to absorb essential
nutrients and vitamins. Try a decaffeinated coffee or herbal tea instead.
Stress less. A heightened stress response suppresses the immune system.
Exercise. Fast walking for 20 minutes a day is associated with increased immune function.

Try to avoid high intensity training as this puts more stress on the immune system.

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