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When you eat well but still feel tired all the time, your body will often seek high sugar food for a quick energy hit, but once beginning this as a method to get quick energy, you can end up with constant cravings to supply more of this fuel, which tends to push you back into bad eating habits.

For many of us, busy time schedules all year round, lead to fast food convenience, and this can also create nutritional deficiencies that remain with us throughout the year.

Generally, it may just be a top up with a good multi vitamin, multi mineral that can make all the difference.

HealthZone Multi Zone packs an extra punch, as not only does it have the necessary vitamins and minerals in the right form for easy absorption to support vitality, energy and wellbeing, it is also a multi glandular giving additional support to the organs of the body.

When the body is short of ready available minerals, it can scavenge them from the many organs of the body leading to multiple deficiencies and can lead to multiple organ dysregulation or dysfunction.

When elimination organs of the body such as kidneys or liver don’t function effectively, there is a negative downside to the body.

The body has the ability to be compensatory. While that is great from the perspective of survival, you have to live in the body. Anyone who has lived or is living with a toxic body will know it isn’t a lot of fun. When toxicity is stored into fat cells, the body compensates and down regulates the thyroid gland and upregulates the adrenal glands, causing the body to stress and also gain weight.

The additional adrenaline that is now being pumped into the body eventually leads to adrenal fatigue and you can end up tired all the time.

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